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Defending Ohio’s Business Owners From PPP Fraud Charges

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) prevented many businesses from going under during the pandemic. However, the authorities are now aggressively investigating any individual or company that it suspects of misusing PPP funds.

Myron Watson Attorney at Law will protect your rights if you face an investigation or arrest related to PPP loan fraud. Based in Cleveland, we bring a plethora of criminal defense knowledge and experience to our practice. Founded by an award-winning defense attorney, we do everything in our power to protect clients’ rights against charges of fraud, theft and more.

What To Know About PPP Fraud

The PPP is a loan program backed by the federal government that allowed employers to pay their staff and cover certain other costs during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Using the funds from a PPP loan to pay for anything other than the federally approved expenses is a form of fraud. The Small Business Administration is even auditing any business that received a loan of $2 million or more. Even if a well-intentioned individual did not realize that they misused funds, they could face federal charges and serious criminal penalties, including jail time.

Save Your Business And Your Future

A conviction for a white collar charge can have many more consequences than you realize. In addition to penalties such as probation, community service and incarceration. A criminal conviction – or even just a charge – can damage your reputation, placing your business in jeopardy. To protect your freedom and your company, consult an award-winning defense lawyer such as Myron P. Watson immediately.

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