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Award-Winning Defense Against Identity Crimes

Ohio authorities take the prevention and prosecution of identity theft and related crimes incredibly seriously. Unfortunately, many people charged with identity theft are the victims of false allegations.

If you face allegations of identity theft or identity fraud, it is crucial that you contact the award-winning firm of Myron Watson Attorney at Law as soon as possible. We defend clients in Cleveland and the surrounding Ohio metro area from a variety of complex white collar and internet crimes. Our attorney, Myron P. Watson, has earned national acclaim for his skill in state and federal criminal cases.

Identity Theft: What To Know

Identity theft – also known as identity fraud – involves the deliberate and wrongful use of another person’s private data for personal gain. Although identity theft is difficult to prove, the state gathers extensive information against suspects before they ever press charges. Once they do bring formal charges and arrest someone, it is likely that they have substantial evidence on their side.

The Skill To Protect You From Complex Charges

You need a defense strategy from a lawyer who has the results to back up their name. Myron P. Watson has nearly 30 years of experience representing clients facing white collar criminal charges – and has a track record of successful results. He often handles complex cases involving internet activity, forensic accounting and sophisticated technology. Whether he is getting your charges dismissed, negotiating a plea bargain or defending you at trial, he knows what it takes to secure the most favorable results available.

Take Action Against Identity Theft Accusations

The worst thing you could do is hope that the charges against you somehow resolve themselves. Instead, take the proactive step of getting help from Myron Watson Attorney at Law. To request a free consultation, please call 216-930-6278 or send us an email.