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Appeals & Federal Cases Attorney
in Cleveland, Ohio

Our lawyer tries cases in federal district and appellate courts. These courts have distinct rules and procedures that differ from state courts.

At Myron Watson Attorney at Law, we have defended clients across Ohio who have been accused of federal crimes, including meth charges, drug conspiracy, bank robbery and white-collar crimes. After representing hundreds of Cleveland-area families, our practice is known for its experience and dedication. We have the respect of other defense attorneys and area prosecutors.

Use our experience to your advantage. Our attorney can explain the procedural differences, the consequences of a high-level case and what our offices can do. Give us a call at our Cleveland office today.

We will never give during your fight for justice. Let's explore your criminal appeal options.

Why You Need an Attorney Experienced in Handling Federal Cases

Federal criminal charges are processed differently than state crimes. Minimum sentences are often stiffer, and rules related to what evidence can be used can differ. The only way to offer effective representation and tough defense in federal court comes from experience. Our attorney has almost 30 years of experience and will fight to protect your rights.

What Does a Criminal Appeal Mean for You?

A guilty verdict is not the end of your case. You have the right to an appeal and may want to seek a review from a second set of eyes.

Some of the issues that may require an appeal are:

  • A mistake in how the law was applied to the facts of your case

  • Evidence was admitted that should not have been

  • Ineffective assistance of counsel from an attorney who failed to identify or submit evidence that would have benefited your case

Because the rules and timelines on appeal are very strict, it is important to speak with us as soon as possible. We have the ability and history to walk you through the appeals process.

Your Future Is on the Line

When a significant prison sentence is on the table related to federal drug charges, fraud or white-collar accusations, act fast. Schedule your initial consultation with our experienced defense attorney by sending an online message right now.