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Traffic Defense Attorney In Ohio

A single speeding ticket is not likely to significantly affect your life. However, multiple tickets or major traffic violations could have a variety of financial and criminal penalties. Not all consequences of these serious traffic offense charges are obvious.

Because the stakes are high, it is important to take your defense seriously. At Myron Watson Attorney at Law, our lawyer understands that a traffic offense case requires as much strategy as any other type of criminal law case. Myron Watson will work to counter both obvious and hidden penalties.

Court Fees And Fines

Depending on your situation, you may need to pay up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines for a traffic violation. The fines are lower for most first-time offenses, but fines increase for subsequent or major offenses such as operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI).

Let an accomplished attorney advocate for your rights after you have received a traffic ticket.

You Might Pay More For Insurance

Nearly all major insurance companies regularly check drivers’ records and assess the risk of accidents and injuries. Because the insurance company would have to pay for any damages that you cause, it is likely to raise your rates if your record shows a higher risk.

Increased rates could lead to paying hundreds of dollars per month in order to keep driving. Enough marks on your record could tempt the insurance company to drop you altogether. This is why our attorney pays close attention to the defense for each alleged violation.

What Is An SR-22 Bond?

If you receive enough points on your driving record for traffic violations, Ohio may suspend your driver’s license. As a result, you must file an SR-22 document plus pay fees to reinstate your license.

An SR-22 basically shows that you are paying for an insurance policy that gives you the legally required coverage despite being a high-risk driver. This document is not an insurance policy; it is a document that can be attached to a policy.

One of the main problems with filing for an SR-22 is that many insurance companies do not offer policies to drivers who need one. Therefore, you could be stuck with fewer insurance options. Policies for high-risk drivers are often significantly more expensive, which is why fighting the initial charge is important.

Our Lawyer Finds Cost-Effective Solutions For Drivers

The aftermath of traffic violations can be expensive and difficult. Often, working with a skilled attorney from the start of your case can be more economical than accepting the consequences.

Myron Watson Attorney at Law provides serious defense representation for drunk driving and other traffic cases. Call us at 216-930-6278 or email us in Cleveland for a consultation.