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Were You Accused Of A Drug Crime?

Cleveland and Northeast Ohio residents continue to struggle with drug use and addiction. Police are on high alert for meth, heroin and prescription drugs. What may otherwise seem like a simple possession case can turn into a federal charge or become overwhelmingly complicated.

At Myron Watson Attorney at Law, we understand the impacts that a drug charge may have on your life. We have spent years advocating for our community members in state and federal court. We know how to defend against drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Trafficking and intent to distribute
  • Federal drug charges including federal drug conspiracy
  • Federal overdose
  • Drug manufacturing

At our office, we will listen to the circumstances of your case and assist you. We know your options. We can help you decide if dismissal, diversion programs, plea bargains or trial are the right option for you and stand by your side throughout your case.

We Know How Investigations Go Wrong

You have the right to a proper investigation and trial. Rights violations occur too often. We conduct independent investigations and examine all police proceedings to ensure you have all the tools to defend yourself. We will examine police records, documents the police don’t review and forensic reports. Our lawyer works with independent investigators and other professionals to strengthen your case.

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