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A Tailored Approach For You

Myron P. Watson, Attorney at Law, has provided dignified and passionate criminal defense services to Cleveland, Ohio, residents for almost 30 years. From experience, we know that trust and cooperation in the attorney and client relationship is a vital part of a successful defense.

This trust allows us to build your case together.

We take on many types of cases, including:

Your first consultation is free. Learn more as soon as you are accused of a crime by calling 216-800-5333.

What To Expect At Your First Meeting

We start your defense with the most important part — understanding you. Your future is changed by the outcome of your case, and knowing whom you are and your history is key to understanding what our lawyer can provide for you and what your best possible outcome is.

We also want you to get to know us. We will spend part of our first meeting explaining who we are and why we’re passionate about criminal defense. You will learn about our experience and approach to criminal defense.

Finding The Best Outcome For You

We approach every case with the expectation of success. At your first meeting, we will also dedicate time to explaining how we may be able to help your case. We will help you understand the full implications of your charges and help determine what the ideal solution for you is.

Set up a free initial consultation today by sending us an email. We’ll get to work fighting to protect you from our first meeting.