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Myron P. Watson

Attorney at Law

After participating in a mock trial in high school, Myron P. Watson developed an interest in the legal system. He was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1992 and gained first-hand experience in navigating criminal cases. Between the mentorship of a judge in college and being accused of a crime he did not commit, he has a unique passion for criminal law. Myron understands how these cases impact all parties involved, and he aims to help seek a favorable outcome for his clients in the Cleveland area.


We Create Strategies
Fit for Your Case

We firmly believe that every case is unique, which is why we create individual strategies to help provide our clients with tailored legal assistance to best represent their case.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes and the charges associated with these crimes vary widely, which is why it is crucial to work with an attorney who customizes their approach to your case. We help clients accused of drug crimes for possession, vehicle charges, and more.

Traffic Defense

Attending traffic court gives you a chance to plead your case and seek an alternative outcome. We handle traffic defense cases related to DUI/DWI charges, accident cases, personal injury claims, driver negligence, and cases regarding liability issues.

White-Collar Crimes

In most cases, white-collar crimes consist of non-violent criminal activities, often involving theft or financial fraud. Most commonly, these crimes result in financial gain and may be considered a felony. We work with clients to defend against white-collar charges.

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Protecting the Rights
of Cleveland Citizens

Many individuals don't know what legal rights they are entitled to when charged with a felony or misdemeanor. We understand that the initial shock can often cause our clients to feel hopeless and overwhelmed. While it may seem easier to plead guilty or no-contest to a charge, we aim to help our clients understand their rights and what legal options they can take. Whether you need assistance with a personal injury lawsuit or are facing charges for murder, theft, or domestic violence, our team can help you understand your options.

It is important to work with a criminal defense attorney that you can trust, which is why we have provided legal counsel for individuals accused of felonies and misdemeanor charges in the Cleveland metropolitan area. Our legal background provides our lawyers with unique insight into handling otherwise delicate legal issues. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with knowledgeable and responsive counsel. Whether you've committed a crime or were wrongly accused, we strive to work with our clients to gather evidence and build a solid case.